Why Aren’t You Selling Products Online: 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Sell Your Products

Selling Products Online

Having troubles selling products online? Here are 4 reasons why you can’t sell your products on the internet!


You have invested all of your time and money into setting up the perfect ecommerce store. You have worked really hard on the design elements, on the features and made sure the products you offer stand out. But, regardless of all of your effort and how many coupons you give out there, you are just not seeing the result you want. There is no increased conversion, there are no new buyers, no sale, and no profit. Despite your best efforts, your ecommerce store and your online business is not the runaway success you wanted it to be.


You have nothing to worry about as there are a few things you could do. In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons why you aren’t selling products online. As long as you are ready to make a change and work even more, you will be able to run a successful and prosperous store. The good thing is that you are not the only person in the world who is worried about the success of its online store and wondering why you can’t sell your products. There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who have the same problem.

Leave all your troubles behind as there are clear ways to help you fix all of the problems you are currently facing, improve your conversions, and increase your sales.

Here are, the most common reasons why you can’t sell your products:


  1. You haven’t painted a convincing picture – If you have a great product you know it is amazing and you have an online audience that trusts you, there is no need to spend all of your money to market your products and your brand as the best products just market themselves. But, you shouldn’t always rely on this unwritten rule. The products that don’t sell, regardless of how great they are require proper marketing and promotion. It is always up to you, up to the business owner to convince people that your product is definitely worth spending money on. You need to convince your potential customers to come to your store and purchase your products which is why you need to come up with interesting methods. The best thing you could do at this point is to paint a detailed and convincing picture of what their personal lives will be like once they purchase your products.
  2. You are too pushy or not pushy enough – The second reason why you aren’t selling products online is either because you are too pushy or not pushy enough. You need to balance things out and find the right way to sell your products to your potential buyers.
  3. You are targeting the wrong people and the wrong market – Is it possible that you target the wrong people or the wrong market and that is the reason why you can’t sell your products. Everything is possible, so just to be sure, double check your market again. You need to know exactly who to sell your products to. You can’t guess and you can’t choose a random market. You need to be specific.
  4. You have an accessibility-related problem – Sometimes you can’t sell your products because your people can’t simply find your products online. This can be caused by different things such as bad SEO, poor web design, poor navigation, multiple browsers, and etc. You need to make sure your products are easily reached, accessible, and can be easily purchased.


Once you determine the problem, you can work hard on fixing it. And then, you can watch your product sales grow!


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